2-5’s Room

The main focus in this room is free flow play between the 2-5 room, messy room and garden for the majority of the day. This enables the children to access the activities provided in their own time and in response to their individual learning styles. However the staff plan activities around the children and their individual learning development. There is a monthly topic which outings and messy room activities are based around. Good behaviour is encouraged and rewarded with praise, and this in turn helps to promote the individual child’s self esteem and self confidence.

  • Home Corner 2-5s
    Home Corner

The home corner enables the children to mirror daily activities through role play.

A variety of table top activities are offered to help develop concentration skills. Adult lead activities are provided to support the children in their learning and puzzles and games promote sharing and turn taking.

The story of the week helps to encourage an interest in books. Props and puppets enable the children to re-enact the story which in turn deepens their enjoyment. The nursery also uses signalong signs which are linked to the story to include all the children attending the setting.

A large selection of dressing up clothes are available for the children to develop independence and their own creative style. Costumes from different cultures help develop an interest in these cultures and bring them into the nursery setting.The floor space in this room is used for large construction type toys such as train track, duplo and building bricks which encourage working together and respecting other childrens creations.