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The Preschool room offers activities to help prepare the child for reception when they take the next big step into school. The preschool room provides a taste of what children and parents can expect at school. Activities include introducing letter sounds, number recognition, mark making skills, small motor skills, and helps to develop the all important listening and concentration skills.

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Achievement tree
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Billy the bear
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Self choice trolley
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The computer
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The achievement tree marks each child's individual achievements, whether these are achieved at home or at nursery with a hand.

Billy Bear is the nursery teddy who stays each weekend with a different child. The child is asked to care for Billy and record what they have done with him over the weekend, this can be in the form of a drawing, through pictures (child friendly camera) and the children are asked to recall their weekend activities in circle time when Billy returns to the nursery.

The self choice trolley offers a variety of activities which includes lego, marble maze, instruments, games, puzzles, with many more activities for the children to choose from.

The computer is a firm favourite amongst the children in this room. The child friendly programmes are easy to operate and develop mouse and keyboard skills, interlinked with mathematical skills, problem solving, turn taking and sharing.

Children often help each other which takes their learning to the next level and this creates a sense of pride, achievement and reinforces what they have learnt.

Mark making is hugely encouraged in this room and the children's pictures are displayed around the room. This makes them feel proud of their work and what they have achieved, while developing their self esteem.

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