Bug Drawing

The nursery has a large outside area which consists of grass, soft matting under the climbing areas and a hard surface. During the better weather, a free flow system is in operation. This means that each individual child can choose where they wish to play. Therefore a child can move freely from the inside areas to the garden areas and then back again if they wish. During the very hot weather the garden is closed between 11am and 3pm. During the cold weather children are still encouraged to play outside at set times during the day. Fresh air and exercise are important for a child’s overall physical development. The garden is supervised at all times and the main learning areas are available outside as well as inside.

Flower Bed
  • Vegetable Patch
    Vegetable Patch

The outdoor play house is often changed into areas for role play, such as a hospital, builder’s yard and shop. There is also a stage where the children can dress up and put on shows.

The small world tray is changed on a regular basis in line with the children’s interests. Water play and the painting easel are available outside as well as chalk boards and writing equipment.

An outdoor sandpit, vegetable patch and mud kitchen allows the children to be creative in their play by digging and building. Whilst There is also a quiet area for reading and relaxing.